Sustainability | World Is Important For Us

The advertising industry plays a vital role in the economy and has a responsibility to balance economic growth and environmental damage while improving resource efficiency. At Madam Martha, we aim to be leaders in sustainability and environmental responsibility, offering our creative and innovative solutions to a wide range of clients, both locally and internationally.

We are proud to be the first agency in Turkey to join Clean Creatives, marking a significant step forward in this field. Our affiliation with Clean Creatives underscores our commitment to promoting environmental sustainability. After a comprehensive year-long training from 2021 to 2022, we obtained our Ad Net Zero Essentials certificate in 2023 and also became a member of the IPA.

In line with the Paris Agreement, we've committed to working with our supply chains to achieve net zero emissions by 2030. The most carbon-intensive phase of our operations is the post-production process, largely due to the servers and machines we use. To mitigate this, we've partnered with Coffee & TV, the world's first B Corp carbon neutral creative studio, for our post-production needs.