─░stanbul Festival 2023 Campaign

Madam Martha is pleased to introduce Turkey's groundbreaking campaign, created entirely through the innovative use of artificial intelligence.

In the world of business and creativity, we are experiencing an era of profound transformation and advancement. Currently, we are using Midjourney to generate images, refining them with Adobe Generative AI as necessary, and then enlarging them with NightmareAI for final use. This innovative process established the basis for the Istanbul Festival's 2023 communication strategy, resulting in a distinctive visual world composed entirely of AI-generated images.

To create a consistent visual identity for the overall campaign, we produced around 2,500 images, carefully selecting only the most appropriate ones for use.The campaign visuals were used on various platforms such as social media, digital platforms, outdoor advertising, print materials, and festival area branding. Additionally, we branded the festival venue, which attracted an audience of 1.7 million people. We produced around 1,000 festival assets in total, which may have set a new benchmark in this domain.