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Istanbul Festival’s Launch Campaign

Istanbul Festival, which took place between 23 July and 14 August 2022 at Festival Park Yenikapı, was a momentous occasion that woven together a diverse tapestry of cultural experiences. The grand event successfully attracted some 1.25 million visitors over 23 exciting days, showcasing a rich array of concerts, theatre performances, children's workshops, e-sports competitions, culinary delights and art activities.

In an ambitious undertaking, Madam Martha spearheaded the entire image campaign for the festival, capturing the vibrant spirit of Istanbul with the tagline "You should see Istanbul's Festival".

Our comprehensive campaign strategy encompassed a variety of channels, including TV commercials, radio spots, outdoor advertising across all channels, digital and social media platforms, motion graphics, on-site festival branding and real-time content creation throughout the festival.

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Over the course of four intense months, our team worked to create a campaign that not only matched, but exceeded the scale of the biggest festival Istanbul has ever hosted. Achieving remarkable impact on a modest budget, we demonstrated the power of creative ingenuity to bring the unique essence of the festival to life, inviting locals and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the unparalleled celebration of Istanbul's cultural vibrancy.