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VitrA’s 100% Recycled Washbasin Campaign

We're proud to have spearheaded a ground-breaking campaign for VitrA's 100% recyclable ceramic washbasin, a pioneering product in its field. Our unique advertising strategy highlights the washbasin's contribution to environmental sustainability, drawing on a philosophical exploration of natural cycles to underline the importance of recycling.

By equating the endless cycles of nature, such as seasonal changes, the water cycle and the cycle of life and death, with the concept of recycling, we have framed this initiative not only as an environmental effort, but also as a profound philosophical journey into circularity and the interconnectedness of man and nature. In orchestrating this campaign, we drew heavily on the principles of circularity, a fundamental concept that everything in nature is in a constant state of change and renewal.

We have highlighted how recycling mirrors natural cycles, placing human actions of reuse and recycling within the broader context of natural processes. This approach elevates the discourse on sustainability and emphasises the need to live in harmony with our environment, not only for the health of the planet, but also for our inner peace and continuity.

Our campaign focuses on portraying the VitrA washbasin as a symbol of innovation and sustainable development. Through creative storytelling and visual presentation, we aim to illustrate the synergy between nature's cyclical beauty and sustainable human practices. By promoting the washbasin as a symbol of both a new beginning and a continuation of the cycle of life, our campaign advocates a philosophical and existential commitment to sustainability that goes beyond mere recycling. This reflects our agency's vision of promoting a future where humanity and nature coexist in harmony, a narrative we are proud to share through our work on this campaign.

For our VitrA's washbasin spot, which will be broadcast worldwide, we collaborated with Onur Şentürk, an internationally acclaimed and award-winning director. The film features a rich tapestry of music and sound effects created by the innovative and emotive audio compositions of Box of Toys Audio, a London-based creative music and sound design studio.

Using the latest 3D and CGI technology, we brought our project to life over a painstaking five-month period. Our work embodies a fusion of artistry and technological innovation.

This film transcends the conventional boundaries of product films by offering a poetic narrative on the themes of circulation, recycling and, in particular, the innovative qualities of VitrA's 100% recyclable washbasin.

Our aim was to create a piece that not only highlights the environmental importance of recycling, but also connects with the audience on an emotional and intellectual level. This sets our work apart from typical product films in this genre, presenting a unique and thought-provoking exploration of sustainability that underlines our commitment to creative excellence.

The print ad that we prepared was published in Wallpaper, the most famous design magazine in the world.