VitrA’s 100% Recycled Washbasin Campaign

VitrA’s 100% Recycled Washbasin Campaign We’re proud to have spearheaded a ground-breaking campaign for VitrA’s 100% recyclable ceramic washbasin, a pioneering product in its field. Our unique advertising strategy highlights the washbasin’s contribution to environmental sustainability, drawing on a philosophical exploration of natural cycles to underline the importance of recycling. By equating the endless cycles […]

Omni Content Product Videos

Omni Content Product Videos We are pleased to announce the creation of 21 captivating films for renowned brands such as Arçelik, Grundig, and Beko. This project was a testament to the power of collaboration and excellence, as we worked closely with our esteemed sister company, Dat Film, which specializes in product films. Together, we […]

İstanbul Festival 2023 Campaign

İstanbul Festival 2023 Campaign Madam Martha is pleased to introduce Turkey’s groundbreaking campaign, created entirely through the innovative use of artificial intelligence. In the world of business and creativity, we are experiencing an era of profound transformation and advancement. Currently, we are using Midjourney to generate images, refining them with Adobe Generative AI as necessary, […]

Istanbul Festival’s Launch Campaign Istanbul Festival’s Launch Campaign Istanbul Festival, which took place between 23 July and 14 August 2022 at Festival Park Yenikapı, was a momentous occasion that woven together a diverse tapestry of cultural experiences. The grand event successfully attracted some 1.25 million visitors over 23 exciting days, showcasing a rich array of concerts, theatre performances, […]

Arçelik Global One Marketing Meeting

Arçelik Global One Marketing Meeting Every year, Arçelik hosts the Global One Marketing Meeting, a prestigious event that attracts hundreds of marketing professionals from around the world. This forum is dedicated to discussing Arçelik’s strategic direction and future endeavours. In 2022, we had the honour of managing all communication efforts for this landmark event, marking […]

Beko Caffe Experto

Beko CaffeExperto We have recently launched an advertising campaign for the Beko CaffeExperto that is a visual feast for those who want to delve into the depths of coffee artistry. Under the theme ‘Unveiling the Art of Espresso’, the campaign highlights the Beko CaffeExperto’s sleek design and superior performance, inviting you to witness the stunning […]